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About this website

This is the version of the Letterbox Word Game released in February 2014. It is designed to work in all modern Web browsers, and does not require Java or any other plug-ins. You can play Letterbox on most smartphones and tablets as well as on any computer.

About the Letterbox game

Online since 2002, Letterbox is a free word game that pits you against the computer. The letters are chosen randomly, and there are so many possible combinations that you will almost certainly never play the same game twice, no matter how addicted you become!

Your cyber-opponent, Lexi, decides where to move based on the same information you have. Lexi doesn't "know" what letters are coming up. If you find it frustrating how often you lose, remember that Lexi will never get any better at the game, but you — with contant practice — can keep improving your game.

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Contact details

The Letterbox online game was developed by Alan Walker. You can contact me by emailing info@lexigame.com, or via the Lexigame forum.