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Two new Letterbox options

Two new options are available to Letterbox players.

Checkboxes for new options

Q comes with U

Example of QU option

With this option selected, the Q is replaced by a QU combination, so you don't have to cross your fingers, hoping for two Us to appear.

A by-product is that you can make five-letter words, like QUOTE and PIQUE - but because they use four letter squares, they're scored like four-letter words. (But you can no longer play QAT, the one word we recognised that had a Q without a U, or score for the three-letter word QUA.)

When you select this option, a new game starts automatically.

Proportional letters

This option presents letters to you in proportion to how often the letter is used in the game's word list. So, with the new option selected, X and Z come up less often over time, and S comes up more often, for example. Unlike the traditional method, this is "selection with replacement", so getting a certain letter doesn't reduce the probability of getting it again in the same game. (It's even possible in theory to get two Xs in the same game, but this would be a very rare occurrence.)

There's still a limit of three of the same letter per game. For more information, see the Letter Selection Rules.

Does the new option lead to improved scores? You be the judge!

When you select this option, a new game starts automatically.

Website make-over

As you've probably noticed, the Letterbox website has been re-organised and re-decorated. If you have any comments on the new look, we'd be interested to hear them.