Letterbox online word game
word game



  • The scores are shown beside each row and below each column, with the total shown at the bottom right hand corner.

  • You score 3 points for a four-letter word and 1 point for a three-letter word.

  • The maximum score for a single row or column is 5. For example, "RAMP" scores 1 point for "RAM", 1 point for "AMP" and 3 points for "RAMP".

  • If you score for a four-letter plural ending in "S", you do not score for the three-letter singular word. For example, "BEES" scores 3 points, not 4. (The same applies to verb forms ending in "S" such as "SEES".)

  • You do not score for words normally written with a capital letter or punctuation mark. British and American spellings are accepted - for example "GAOL" and "JAIL". Slang and "vulgar" words are included.