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This is not the current version of the game

The latest version of the Letterbox game is at letterbox.lexigame.com/. The version below, using Java, was superseded in February 2014. It is provided for the benefit of any long-time players who prefer the previous version. However many players have found their browsers do not support Java, or that running a Java applet requires navigating a maze of alarming security warnings.

The current version of Letterbox is designed to run in all modern Web browsers.

For more information, please email lbox@lexigame.com.

(The game may take a few seconds to load. Requires Java.)

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How to play

Play the Letterbox Game by placing letters one at a time into the left-hand grid to make as many 3- and 4-letter words as you can - across and down. See how often you can beat the computer.

Random letters appear in the box at the bottom of the display, alongside the "Next" button. Click in any vacant square of your playing grid to place the letter. When you're happy with where you've put the letter, click the "Next" button to lock it in and get the next letter

When a game is finished, press the Next button to clear the grids and start a new game. Press the "Reset" button at any stage to abandon the current game and start a new one.

(For more details, see Help.)

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